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Self Improvement

In this section we have the latest articles on self improvement for people.

Overcome Difficulty Absorbing Information (5 Amazing Tips)

There are times when I have found it difficult to learn as I've felt I'm having difficulty absorbing the information I'm trying to learn. Ideally I want to lear...


In this section we have the latest articles on career choices for people.

Is Forensic Science A Good Career? Pros And Cons

The thought of going back to college to study forensic science crosses many people's minds. As a first step, finding out on how good it is as a career...

How Hard Is It To Become a Writer?

Over the years, writing has evolved from a basic skill to a real career in the modern world. Writing is an important part of many people...


In this section we have the latest articles on the different festivals people take part in.

Do Muslims Celebrate Diwali?

In some Islamic countries, Diwali is celebrated by some of the majority Muslim population to show solidarity with their minority Hindu population. Whilst in India, Muslims...


In this section we have the latest articles on the different ceremonies people take part in.

Why Is the Mundan Ceremony Done?

Various religious and cultural practices like the Mundan ceremony occur all over the world, primarily upon the birth of a baby...


In this section we have the latest articles on different types of weddings.

12 Ways Gay Weddings Are Different (Interesting Facts)

All weddings have common traditions that couples undertake during the ceremony. When it comes to a same-sex wedding, several things make it different from an opposite-sex...


In this section we have the latest articles on the Latter Day Saints, also known as Mormons.

Can a Mormon Date a Non-Mormon?

Christianity is the world's largest religion, with several other sects that mushroomed from its mainstream. One such sect is the Mormons who follow certain traditions just...

Can a Non-Mormon Attend a Mormon Baptism?

Many Christian Churches practice baptism as a sacramental ceremony to initiate believers into Christianity. Some churches baptize infants even before they are a year old while...

Why Do Mormons Have So Many Kids?

Generally, most Christians believe that children are a blessing from God, and one should bear as many as they can take care of. They consider family...

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