Can a Mormon Date a Non-Mormon?

Christianity is the world’s largest religion, with several other sects that mushroomed from its mainstream. One such sect is the Mormons who follow certain traditions just like other Christian churches and whose members belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Therefore, we wish to find out the church’s traditions in aspects such as dating and relationships.

So, can a Mormon date a non-Mormon? If you are a non-Mormon, you can date a Mormon, but you will have to overcome some hurdles that the Church has placed concerning dating and marriage. For instance, the church strongly believes that there should be no intimacy until marriage. Similarly, the church has reservations about alcoholism. Therefore, to date a Mormon, you will have to adopt a different code of conduct to fit the church’s standards.

Mormonism isn’t quite popular in the Christian religion, but it still exists in a few countries. Here, we will sharpen your understanding of Mormons to help you understand the religion’s dating principles. We will expound on this and other concerns in the coming chapters.

Can a Mormon Date?

Mormons can date within or outside the church as long as the believer finds a befitting partner. If you are a Mormon, but your partner isn’t, it is in their best interest to understand the church’s teachings and beliefs.

Under such circumstances, the church members may help them go through some lessons that the church has prepared. The teachings will help them gain more insight into the Mormon religion. In doing so, you will both be in the right state to make informed decisions in your relationship.

It is also worth noting that Mormons mostly date when they are ready for marriage and want to settle and start a family. Thus, these are the issues that the couple should discuss beforehand.

Secondly, the Church is against fun dating and highly encourages that it should be geared towards marriage. The Mormons value family so much that most people view a relationship that does not have marriage as the end goal is purposeless.

So, once a believer finds their better half, they will generally want to focus on marriage and the future. Moreover, if they are conventional, you will notice a level of uptightness in their daily routine. This aspect may reflect in the food they eat, and some may suggest for their non-Mormon partners to convert.

When you date a Mormon, you may have to compromise on certain aspects of your life so that you can accommodate them. You will also need to reconsider your choices on food, drinks, and even the movies you watch. Similarly, you may have to compromise on intimacy, since the church is a strong believer in purity and the body being God’s temple. If you can compromise on these, then you will have overcome a huge hurdle in your relationship. Finally, if you are dating a Mormon, expect a shorter dating experience, faster engagement, and a cheaper and simpler wedding.

Can a Mormon Date a Non-Mormon?

The Mormon church has never prohibited dating a non-believer; however, some parents do not welcome the idea. They believe that in allowing such a union, the relationship will likely deviate from the notion of marriage.

Thus, if they invite a non-believer into their family, they may have to settle to oblige them. However, in the modern society, a Mormon can easily marry a non-Mormon as long as they are compatible.

Moreover, as a non-Mormon dating a Mormon, you are likely to feel odd when you dwell among staunch believers. It is understandable given that you don’t share a lot in common in matters of faith. To go about this, you can take some classes with your partner’s help to understand the church’s traditions when it is still early in the relationship.

As soon as you acquire all the knowledge you need, you will easily decide whether to stay in the relationship or not. The most important thing is to respect each other’s faith and discuss whether a conversion is an option.

A Mormon teenager can start dating at sixteen, but once they hit eighteen, they can start dating with the intention of marriage and having a family. While choosing a partner, the church requires that you consider someone who is morally upright.

In contrast, over the years, the LDS has had reservations about same-sex dating. The same applies to officiating the unions and baptizing the children adopted by the gay couple. However, this is slowly changing, and you may spot gay Mormons in the LDS church.

Before You Date a Mormon…

If you really want to date a Mormon, the best place to find and build a relationship is at the Mormon’s church. You can attend the services and mingle with the people, and, if you are fortunate, you can find a befitting man or woman for you to date and possibly marry.

You can also go online where there are many Mormon dating sites, and from there you might find the love of your life. Besides, you can join charity events or attend LDS singles’ conferences where you can hopefully meet your match.

For an underage Mormon, especially a teenager, you can only start dating if you are both at least sixteen years old. Unfortunately, at this moment, you will still do group dating until you become eighteen years, after which you can legally marry.

Group dating is where the dates are in groups to reduce young people’s possibility of falling into temptations that the church strongly forbids among unmarried Mormons. The believers experience short dates and engagements since it is mostly aimed towards marriage.

Mormons have a strict dressing code. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing your clothes during dates with a devout Mormon. The church views the body as God’s temple; hence, the same should show in the believers’ dressing.

Each item of clothing you wear must observe modesty and rise to the church’s standards regarding respect to the faith and God. It is best to avoid tight or suggestive clothes. Thus, if you are a lady going on a date with a Mormon man, it would help avoid short skirts; a knee-length skirt or dress will do.

However, for men, in case you are dating a Mormon lady, then a decent shirt with pants or jeans will suffice. Also, avoid wearing clothes that have funny or offensive writing on them. Being that most believers are strict on morals; you may obviously lose your date.

Lastly, it would be best if you were careful with your words, especially during casual conversations. Normally, people get carried away when trying to joke around and end up offending their dates.

If you notice that they are reserved, it is best to avoid some jokes that may seem offensive. On the other hand, you need to be honest if you are a smoker or take alcohol. Some believers may understand while others will automatically shut you out. So it’s best to know their view on certain habits in your life.


Daily, Mormons, and non-Mormons interact in their daily lives; thus, it is natural to find such interreligious partners. But, before you begin the dating experience, it would be wise to dig deeper to understand more about your Mormon partner’s traditions and beliefs, because if you ignore it, your date may be short-lived.

It would help if you also kept asking questions and consulting before making any move that may cost you a wonderful date or life partner altogether. With the necessary knowledge about the Mormon’s religion, you can easily make an informed decision about whether the partner is right for you or not.